“Gidsen: een belangrijk element in het CALC-project, wat ons oude BAS-systeem liet vervangen door het nieuwe systeem ABEL, tenslotte vormden de programmagidsen van de AVRO, KRO en NCRV een hele belangrijke spil in het project.
Gidsen: dat was ook wat Aart deed in het spel tussen de omroepen en hun uitgeverij om tot het uiteindelijke resultaat te komen. Op een doeltreffende manier, waarbij Aart niet schroomde om mensen zo nu en dan op positieve wijze een spiegel voor het gezicht te houden, was Aart de sleutelpersoon van het project.”

Paul Hillebrand – Datawarehouse/BI-specialist, Bindinc.


“Ik heb Aart leren kennen als een zeer kundig IT expert en als business consultant. In het complexe werkveld binnen de publieke omroep heeft Aart zich uitstekend geprofileerd en is het project binnen planning gerealiseerd.”

Ton Deen – Directeur Financiën & Services, Bindinc.


“Working with Aart was great pleasure personally and professionally. Aart is a trustworthy professional skilled to overcome obstacles with sensitive and creative approach, and we had enough of them to deal with as expected from a big and complex multi cultural project. Aart is also a professional and expert when it come to negotiations formal and non formal and is able to lead difficult disagreements to the safe shores of mutual understanding. Although being responsible for project management on all aspects Aart does not avoid going into details, technical or others, whenever the situation requires. As mentioned at the beginning Aart is a calm and cheerful person with good sense of humor and it was a delight working with him. Hope to do that again.”

Avi Bachar – Project Manager, Yedioth Information Technologies

“I’ve worked regularly with Aart large projects at PCM Publishers and Ad NewsMedia. Always approachable, professional, very pleasant to work with. Does what he says, in short, reliable and knows what he’s doing.”

Ed Bontekoe – Sr.Project Manager/Program Manager, PCM Uitgevers

“Aart flourishes in politically complex situations. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on the overhaul of a mission critical publishing system for a Dutch national newspaper. For us, Aart took away the complexities of the software development process, delivering on-time and according to specifications.”

Richard Kranendonk – Project Manager, Wegener Nieuwmedia

“Aart has always been a tremendous help. During the time I was Chief Information Officer at Initiative Worldwide, Aart managed projects for me (always within budget and the timeframes that were set) and acted as my Infrastructure Consultant. Aart is a hard working guy and very proactive. It was a real pleasure working with him.”

Peter van Dijk – Chief Information Officer Global, Initiative Worldwide

“Aart is a very efficient, extremely calm, solution oriented professional. As a colleague in who needs quite often pratical, speed of light help in new business presentations or other important moments involving our clients, it is always nice to know you can count on him. Oh, did I mention that despite being IT he has a normal sense of humour?”

Costin Mihaila – Int’l Client Service Director, Initiative Netherlands

“Aart is a conscientious, logical, and extremely organised project manager who excels at imposing structure on chaotic situations. Aart is an excellent project and IT manager and I would not hesitate to recommend him for any role for which he is being considered”

John Ellis – European IT Director, Initiative Media

“Aart is very professional and qualified but above all very patient. We miss him a lot!”

Sophie Rivals-Bodin – Network Services Manager, Initiative

“Working with Aart has been a huge pleasure. His technical skills proved to be helpfull more than once even in highly complex environments. On top of that Aart has this very rare quality to have the sense of business and users requirements. He would never refuse his help, advice or even his direct implication when he was asked. I would highly recommend him as an excellent project manager.”

Henry Kayali – Owner of Info3

“Aart is a highly technical, analytical and patient IT professional. Those are all very important qualities to have in this field. What I like most about Aart is that he takes the work smarter not harder approach when facing day to day challenges. I would recommend Aart to lead the way in any project if you are looking to get it done right.”

Eugene Lipsky – Core Services Technician, Interpublic Group of Companies

“I found Aart to be a well rounded, knowledgeable and a positive individual. As IT Manager at Initiative, his cost awareness saved his business unit money. I would work with Aart again anytime! He’s a talented individual.”

Charles Underwood – Regional Sourcing and Procurement Lead, Interpublic

“I’m glad to have an opportunity tot recommend Aart Wessels. I have known Aart as a fine collegue and a outstanding professional. Aart does what he says and has the knowledge and sensibility to get a job done! He is a great facilitator and understands the business.”

Veros Sultan – Business Manager, Trivista Group

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